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Korean Youth in the GTA [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Korean Youth in the GTA

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Market Research Project for Cat Owners -$75 to qualified respondents [Jul. 1st, 2011|01:24 pm]
Korean Youth in the GTA
I am recruiting females cat-owners aged 25+ for a market research project on pet products. I have filled most of my quotas but have 3 still open. The interview will be done in your own home lasts between one and one and a half hours and payment is $75.00. My male quotas and younger female quotas are filled. Choice of Thursday July 7th 11am to 3:00 or Friday July 8th 9am to 3:00 - you can pick your appointment time within those time periods.

1. A female with 1+ dogs, 1-3 cats and at least 2 children under the age of 12. Ages of other
children, if applicable unimportant. Household income must be $60,000+ which is before taxes and can include income from all sources, not just employment, e.g. benefits, renting out a basement etc. Yes, a busy household!!

2. A female who has 1 or more cats but all have to be under the age of 2 years. No requirments for dogs or children and no income requirement. However the female must be a first time cat owner, must have never had cats previously..........this is the first time for cat ownership

3. A female owner of a cat aged 1-7 who has one cat only. The cat must have special needs that require special care and attention unlike most cats. Whether or not there are dogs or children in the household is unimportant and there is no income requirement.

Please email direct to linda99@ican.net if you are interested or have any questions. Please do
not post to the journal as I may not check back regularly, however if emailed directly will respond promptly. If you qualify make sure you include a contact number your first and last names your age, and which of the three categories you are applying for.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you and if you know anyone who would qualify please forward to them. Please do not post to any social networking sites as it becomes to overwhelming to deal with. thanks for understanding. In email subject line please put Live Journal cat owners.
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Banchan [Jan. 29th, 2011|07:51 pm]
Korean Youth in the GTA

[mood |hungryhungry]

Pasta salad as banchan. Have you encountered this lately?

Which one is your favourite?

Are there any you don't like?
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Toronto Life Weekly Lunch Pick [Jan. 3rd, 2011|06:04 pm]
Korean Youth in the GTA

[mood |hungryhungry]


"The soup must be ordered a day in advance, but planning ahead pays off: the dish is hearty enough for two, consisting of a whole chicken, stuffed with sticky rice and slow simmered in a savoury broth with Korean ginseng and oriental herbs."

Sounds good, but it's huge!
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Toronto's Best Korean Food? [Jan. 3rd, 2011|03:54 am]
Korean Youth in the GTA

[mood |hungryhungry]

Toronto’s best Korean food: Chris Nuttall-Smith makes his picks

What do you think?
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Daytime market research project for males 25-64 [Oct. 17th, 2010|05:24 am]
Korean Youth in the GTA
Seeking males available for a daytime market research session.
Total household income must be $50,000+
Ages 25-64

Please email direct to linda99@ican.net

Reply with following info:

Males only please
Contact number

Thank You!!
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Looking for a student to tutor me on computer and transfer stuff from one computer to another [Oct. 9th, 2010|06:58 am]
Korean Youth in the GTA
Looking for a student to transfer stuff from one computer to another and to teach me how to do it myself.

I am an "older person" and need to learn how to transfer stuff between computers using a USB flash drive. I also need the virus "Desktop Security 2010" removed, http://www.malwarehelp.org/desktop-security-2010-removal-2010.html (the site gives instructions but I am scared to tackle it myself). Also want hard drive from one computer copied to another, and to be taught how to copy info from one computer to another. Computer savvy student wanted $10 per hour. I am located in the DVP and York Mills area and need it done asap. Please email direct: linda99@ican.net Thank you.
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Market Research survey for Korean-born people [Mar. 8th, 2007|10:33 am]
Korean Youth in the GTA
We are conducting a market research survey on a financial topic and would like to interview people Born in Korea

It involves a phonecall then a questionnaire will be sent to you for self completion.
Once you return it, you will receive $25 for your participation.

Please respond directly to linda99@ican.net
and put Live Journal Toronto-Korean community in subject line.
We need your name, gender,age phone numbers
and state which country you were born.

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new to TO, near korea townn [Jun. 30th, 2006|04:08 pm]
Korean Youth in the GTA

hey yoo, im new to toronto kinda, from brampton but jus moved downtown, livin alone now ( well with my bro,rent sucks x_x) and either way, im half korean and lookin to meet some new ppl since its pretty lame havin no friends in such a huge city, well few friends,

names James,
im 18
like chillin, goin out to clubs etc, doin whatever, movies, reading, music, love music <3
n yea, live around spadina bloor,

so whats up^^
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2006|05:56 am]
Korean Youth in the GTA
Hey Guys,

A new lifestyle magazine Anime IKU will be coming out soon.

Come and check out the website for more details and info.

There's contests, forums, artwork cosplay and more going on.

There will be sneak previews and other stuff coming soon.

The magazine will be released at Anime North, so for those of you going drop by their booth and grab a copy of their very

FIRST issue.
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just an off chance [Mar. 24th, 2006|08:23 pm]
Korean Youth in the GTA
i'm not sure if this is allowed here but i've tried everything else (even the operator and long-distance service):
i need to contact my pal in seoul, south korea
he told me that this was his telephone number:
010 2701 2165

okay, so i know to call outside of this US you dial 011

then south korea is 82

then seoul is 2

but when i try to dial 011 82 2 2701 2165 it doesnt work
it also does not work when i try 011 82 2 010 2701 2165
or 011 82 2 701 2165

does anyone knoe how i can contact him?

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